France, 1978, videographer, filmmaker and visual artist living and working in Amsterdam.

Cum Laude graduate from the Academy of Monumental Arts - Maastricht – The Netherlands - 1998/2004 



My paintings portray the emotions of a generation having trouble finding a tangible form of hope. A generation that is losing grip on its future despite its wealth and historical lack of physical misery. A generation desperately trying to redefine its social, moral and intellectual values in times of high-speed internet, lingering economic disaster and environmental armageddon. 

The question I ask myself: 'How long will the status quo last? And what will we do to overcome the existential crises we face?' 

My work as a cameraman and documentary filmmaker keeps me plugged into the veins of our global society. Stories like the ones filmed during the Ebola crisis in Liberia, the Israel/Palestina conflict and refugee trafficking in Lybia, for example, have had a significant impact on how I perceive and make art.

Rather than to reflect on worldly topics from my studio, I have had the chance to meet presidents, beggars, soldiers and whores in person. The insights gained when shaking those peoples hands are reflected and examined in my work to see if I can capture their underlying humanity as well as the philosophical questions hidden behind the endeavours they face. 



JUNE 2019 ‘Islam en Koning’ Gallery ‘Art of Stream’ Rotterdam - Duo


MAY 2019 'Le Carmel Hors les Murs' at Le Carmel, Tarbes (FRANCE) - Museum Massey Tarbes acquired a painting. - Duo



JULY / AUGUST 2018 at T’Huis aan de Amstel, Amsterdam - Solo



Inspired by Picasso at Hilton Brussels City, Brussels, Belgium - Group



Finalist ‘Krabbé looks for Picasso’ contest at VondelCS, Vondelpark, Amsterdam

‘Le Voyage’ has been selected out of 3000 participating works as one of the 25 finalists in a contest by a national TV show about Picasso.



The Wandering Eye at Adam en Siam, Rokin, Amsterdam - Group



Alexander Koning at Thirty5ive, Amsterdam - Solo



Alchemist at Alchemist store, Utrecht - Group



Screening short documentary ‘Le Weekend’ at Theater t’Pand, Gorichem

Awards and


Acquisition by Musée Massey, Tarbes, France


Artist of the Day, Saatchi Art


Jury selection Krabbé Zoekt Picasso art contest, Krabbé Zoekt Picasso


Featured in Painting of the Week, Saatchi Art

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Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Liberia, Cameroon, Libya, Gaza, West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Japan, Ethiopia, Syria, Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, England, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Finland, Lithuania, Russia, Spain, Bosnia, Serbia, Greece, United States, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Israel, Denmark, Iceland.

The Netherlands, France, Morocco and Norway.

Gaza Strip -2015
2010 - present
2010 - present
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