Art and Journalism – Video Statement

In the end, what I do it for are my artworks.

Tangible reflections on our experiences as humanity that, with a bit of luck, will stand the test of time.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Gaza, Indonesia…

Earthquakes, wars, diseases, refugees…
I filmed them all.

To me, there are many similarities between journalism and art.

Both are attempts at truth finding and documentation of the times we live in.

Both demand dedication and sacrifices in order to remain pure and uncompromised.

And both are in danger of being overwhelmed by an incessant stream of unfiltered information that floods us and undermines our confidence in the future.

Alexander Koning 2018


The work of Alexander Koning can be interpreted as a continuous travel report along inner paths and worldly problems. On the one hand, it is a translation of the impressions he gains during his profession as a cameraman in many global disaster areas and on the other hand a reflection on the repercussions existence has on his own consciousness.

A search for genuine answers in which he does not hesitate to consider himself, and the society around him, critically.

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