Why Art? A short manifest.

Hello world!

Together with some great people, we have created a virtual place containing off-line hopes and lucid daydreams. Digital proof of my analogue self as an artist, painter, philosopher, filmmaker, photographer, writer and a bunch of other titles referring to the fact that a quite persistent and ungraspable force in me is trying to make some tangible sense out of the mystery we perceive as life.

I consider this website to be an open laboratory and an open stage.

The goal is to deliver it from artistic ego, self-destructive self-indulgence and commercial trickery.

I did not choose to become an artist. Why on earth would I do that? Why would anyone in their right mind decide to deliberately confront his- or herself with the endless possibilities to interpret everything that happens to us and everything we experience as a human race and voluntarily do this while risking being mocked, persecuted, isolated, banned, undiscovered, robbed from your indentity and your ideas and starved?

I seriously don't know, but no wonder I consider some successful artists to be a kind of heroes.

My goal in art is for it to be a journey in which I will not settle with anything that I find for the sake of 'recognition', 'market value', 'hype' or 'branding.' These forces, in my opinion, tend to be limiting and even destructive to creativity. I will rather try to settle with what I find to be nourishing, truthful and transparent in art because I believe that righteousness and transparency are the only ways we will ever gain access to the true nature of our being and thus the true answer to the question: 'Why Art?'

Alexander Koning - Amsterdam - September 9th - 2019

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